Architectureof Ancient GreeceIn ancient Greece architecture was very previlent. During this period the peoples lives were based on fate. Thier fates were determined by the will of the Gods. In order to keep the gods happy they built many temples in thier honor. Many of these temples are still standing today. Throughout the course of time the types of achitecture changed, and became more dymanic.
  • Types of Greek Achitecture

  • Colums
    • Doric Order-These are columes that have no base and are fluted. The capital is made up of two parts; the abacus (the Flat slab) and the echinus (a cushion-like slab). On these peices rests the architrave, the frieze and the cornice. These colums are very simplistic in design. Also they were the first type of columes created in Ancient Greece. This type of colume is seem mainly on the Greek mainland and on the italian peninsula, were the greek colonies were located.[1]

external image doric-hephasteion-athens.JPG
Example- the parthonan was the temple built for Athena was made wiht the doric columes. It was built in the 5th century BC in Athens.[2]
external image parthenon-moonrise-c-sacredsites-300h.jpg

    • Ionic Order- these columes have bases that support columes. In this type there are more vertical flutes than in the doric order. On the capitals of the ionic order there are generally two volutes that rest on to of palm-leaf decorations. The abacus is more narrow and usually consists of three horizantal bands. The most noticable part of these columes is the frieze, which is carved with sculpture arranged in a continuous pattern around the building.[3]

external image Poseidon%2BTemple%252C%2BPaestum%252C%2Bscan.jpg
Example- Erectheum, it was built in the honor of Athian, Posienen and Erectheum. It was built on the Acrpolis between 421 and 405 BC, built in Athens, used the ionic order.

external image 2264125-athens-greece--view-of-the-erechtheum-temple-on-the-north-side-of-the-acropolis-dedicated-to-athena-.jpg

    • Corinthian Order- this order wasdeveloped in the late classical period. The capitals of these columes are bell-shaped the echinus is decorated with acanthus leaves, spirals and palmettes. There are also small volites at each corner, so the capitals have the same views from each side.[5]

external image 7937651-the-3-columns-corinthian-order-of-the-temple-of-castor-and-pollux-tempio-dei-dioscuri-is-an-ancient-.jpg

  • Example- temple of Zues in Athens was styled wiht the corinthian colums. It was built at around the 2nd century AD. [6] external image 141782097_iczoN-L-1.jpg

  • external image architec%20styles.jpg

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