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History: the Story Line
The creation of beauty or thoughts provoking creation is what you call Art. Art went through a tremendous amount of expansion and growth in ancient Greece from the Archaic to the Hellenistic time period.

The first surviving examples of Greek Art was first found in the era of Mycenaean art, which dates from 1500BC to 1200BC on the Mainland of Greece. Since, in this time period, the two great civilizations, Greeks and Mycenaean were living on the mainland, the Greeks took the opportunity to learn from the Mycenaean, who were more advanced in technology. The Greeks learned how to build, and how to use different metals in art, as a result, they were using Mycenaean techniques.

In the time period of ancient Greece, individualism and self awareness was discovered and was becoming a growing elevation. Sculptures, paintings, pottery, and Poetry, became story lines of people, and the idealistic human perspective was depicted. Although the majority of a personal approach and persona was within sculpture, time shows, the art work showed personality, and personal feelings were reflected within the art.


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However, sculpture became known as a standard form of artistic expression, such as nude statues of the youth, whereas there were naked men and draped women.

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Ancient Greece carried very few historians, to be precise, there were three major ancient Greek historians, that were able to record their time of Ancient Greek history, that included the 'Father of History' also known as Herodotus, who traveled to many ancient historic sites in his time. There were also Xenophon and Thucydides.

For the most part, forms of art in Greek History we know is because of temples, sculpture, pottery, artifacts, and other archaeological findings, and things like the architecture.

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Greek art covers many perspectives of Archaic times. The art of Greece covers topics or war and suffering; it covers to topics of human persona, and things like their art depicting personification, whereas, animals had human like features, like centaurs.

Centaur Fighting
Centaur Fighting

Greek art also obtains reflections of the artist. Like the type of art they would use were:
Not only did they use these types of art, they also used:
  • Metal vessels
  • Figurines
    • Terracotta figurines
    • Metal figurines
  • Monumental sculpture
  • Panel painting
  • Wall painting
  • [1] Polychrome
  • Vase painting
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