APOLLO- God of Sun


God Zeus impreganated his mistress Leto and bore 2 childrens, one out of the two childrens was Apollo. Apollo was born on the safe islands of Delos, a safe place away from the jealous Hera who was infuriated with her husband Zeus's infedility and retaliating by hiring the Python to search and kill pregnant Leto.[1]

Apollo's Father, Zeus
Apollo's Father Zeus Apollo's Moter, Leto

Growing up, Apollo became crafty in the field of archery from the help of his uncle, The Chiron. His skills in archery can be mentioned in Homer's Classic, The Iliad, the story of the fight between the Greeks and Trojans in the archaic civilization of Troy. Not only was he great in the field of archery but also in the fields of medicine, poetry, and science.[2]


Apollo was known as a Magician in Greek Mythology. He was known to cast off spells such as plagues or diseases. At only 4 days old, he slew the Python who tormented his mother Leto from when she was pregnant with Apollo and Arthemis.

Other Myth:

The most famous mythology of Apollo is in the Homer's The Illiad. The backstroy of the Illiad is that Paris, the prince of Troy fell in love for King Menelaus's wife, Helen. Paris slyly brought Helen to his place in Troy. Menelaus retaliated Paris's actions by invading his Greek forces into Troy to retrieve his Helen back.

Apollo helped the Trojans fight off the invading Greek forces. Towards the end of the epic saga, Apollo handed over his bows and arrows to Prince Paris to kill off the Greek warrior Achilles.[3]



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