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Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus. At the time Leto conceived Artemis and Apollo, Zeus was married to Hera. Hera found out about Zeus infidelity with Leto and in a jealous rage sent the serpent Pythos after Leto. Hera vowed that Leto would not be able to give birth anywhere the sun shone so Pythos followed Leto everywhere.

Eventually though Leto came to the island of Ortygia where in a cave she gave birth to Artemis. This was possible because there is no sunlight in a cave. It is legend that Artemis then helped her mother across the straits to Delos, where she then gave birth to her brother Apollo.

Leto did not in fact have labor pains when delivering either child. Due to this fact Artemis retained the title of being the child bearing goddess.

Due to the fact that Artemis successfully helped her mother in child birth, Leto then took advantage of Artemis. She would always call upon Artemis to help her with things and Artemis always felt compelled to help her needy mother and rescue her.

After three years of living without meeting her father, Leto took Artemis to Zeus to finally meet him. During their first meeting, Zeus was so taken with his Goddess Daughter that he offered to grant her any presents she wished. Artemis had six wishes for Zeus when he asked. They were:
  • to be allowed to live without the distraction of love or marriage
  • a bow and arrow just like Apollo's
  • a hunting costume and freedom from having to dress-up like a woman
  • the job of bringing light into the world
  • sixty young nymphs to be her friends and help take care of her hunting dogs
  • mountain that was all hers to live on

Zeus was amused by the decisiveness of his young child and granted her all six wishes. Even at this young age he could tell that Artemis was going to be the most independent of all the Goddesses.
Artemis lived and protected the woods were she resided in. She did come out and help those in need, but her first loyalty was to the woods and those who lived in it with her.artemis3.jpg [1]

Every Goddesses in Ancient Greece had a symbol or more commonly symbols that represented themselves when humans see them.
Artists would use theses symbols in their paintings and statues to show what Goddess they were trying to convey in that work of art.

Artemis' Symbols are:moon.jpg
  • New Moon
  • Bow and Arrow
  • A Wolf
  • A Stag
  • Hounds [2]

  • Roman Equivalent:
Along with every Goddess having a symbol they all had a Roman equivalent. As in when the Romans tell the tales of these great Goddesses they didn't use the names the Greeks did.

Artemis' Roman equivalent was Diana. [3]


There are many myths that are associated with Artemis. One of the more famous myths of Artemis is the myth with Artemis' alleged love, Orion.

In one version of this myth Orion was Artemis' counterpart and though she asked her father to prevent her from the hardships of love and marriage, she fell in love with Orion. Artemis begins to spend more artemis4.jpgand more time with Orion,leaving her brother Apollo to hang out with Orion. Artemis artemis.jpgand Apollo were inseperable before Orion came into the picture and broke them up.

Apollo did not like this all too much and was worried about his sister's chastity when learning about Orion and Eos. So in both jealousy and as protection Apollo tricked his sister.

Orion was swimming out in the ocean and Apollo bet his sister that she couldn't hit the distant object in the ocean. Artemis feeling her archery skills were being challenged, took her bow and arrow and hit the target with no problem. Ultimately she accidently killed her love, Orion.

As his body washed up to shore Artemis saw that he was not just a random object, but Orion. Realizing she was tricked by her twin brother she was furious, but when he offered to help her dispose of him she eased up.

Artemis sent Orion's body in her silver chariot into the darkest part of the night sky. Thus, creating the constellation we know as Orion today. [4]

Additional Information:

Children: None
Consort: None
Siblings: Apollo
Parents: Zeus and Leto
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