Goddess of: war and wisdom


Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis. It was foretold that Metis was going to give birth to the most brilliant and if she were to give birth to a son he would be more powerful than his father. So as Metis was about to give birth to thier child, Zeus tricked her into assimilating into his body.

After swallowing his wife Zeus complained of having a terrible headaches. After complaining for a little while, the blacksmith, Hephaestus, came to cure Zeus. Hephaestus split open Zeus' skull with a bronze axe. From the gaping wound on Zeus' head Athena jumpined out already fully grown and fully armored.

Athena was undoubtedly Zeus' favorite child. She was the only one that had the key to his thunderbolts and she alone was allowed to wear his aegis and carry Zeus' shield.

His favoritism and indulgence toward her was so extreme that it caused jealousy of the other Gods.[1]


Every Goddess had a symbol that represented who they were in art or works of literature. When humans saw these symbols believed that, that specific Goddess was there watching them.

Athena's Symbols:
  • Owl
  • Snake
  • Shield
  • Olive Tree [2]


Roman Equivalent:Every legend in Greek society was transferred over to the Romans when there era reined. These legends were fairly similar to the Greeks, but they had different names for the Gods and Goddesses.[3] Athena's Equivalent:Minerva


There are many myths associated with the Gods and Goddesses. The Goddess Athena especially has many myths and legends that revolve around her.

One very famous myth of Athena was that of Medusa. knkln.gif

Long ago Medusa and her two sisters were gorgeous priestesses of Athena. One day Poseidon saw Medusa praying in Athena's temple and he fell head over heels for her. After laying his eyes on her Poseidon believed he should possess her and he did there in Athena's temple.

Appalled by the atrocity that happened in her temple, Athena took matters into her hands and punishes Medusa for giving into a male heirarchy. This sounds a little strange huh? But the way Athena saw it was that it was Medusa's fault for attracting the God.

Athena turned Medusa into a horrendous monster with reptillian skin, hair of snakes, tusks of a boar, black tongue, and the ability to turn men into stone when they looked into her eyes.[4]

Additional Information:

Consort: None, but favored Odysseus
Children: None
Parents: Metis & Zeus
Siblings: None
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