The Goddesses of Ancient Greece were often represented and worshipped as much as the Gods were. Like the Gods each Goddess represented a specific trait or characteristic they had. Due to the fact that each Goddess represented a different trait, characteristic, emotion, or activity there were many goddesses.
All the goddesses were treated with high respect and were worshipped as much as the Gods were. They did however have the power to punish those who disobeyed them, those who neglected to conduct the right kind of sacrifice, even those who offended or disgraced them.

The Goddesses represented many aspects of life. The goddess Artemis represented virginity/child bearing, the hunt, and the moon. The ancient Greeks would pray to her when they needed any of the before mentioned things.

There are many different reasons to pray to the Goddesses, but it would be most important to pray to the Goddess that represents what you wish to aquire.

Along with having their own subjects or representations the Goddesses also had their own symbols, which represented them in Greek art work or architecture. The Goddess Aphrodite for example had the symbols of the dove, rose, dolphin, or scallop shell.

Each Goddess, like many other living organism, had sexual needs and they needed to be met by someone. In many different times the Goddess went to Earth and had consorts with human, but most of the time a God and a Goddess had relations. One
of the more famous God and Goddess duo is Zeus and Hera. The two of them were considered the head of Olympus. Hera representing the Goddesses and Zeus representing the Gods.

Because of the many different arrangements of relations and consorting, the Gods and Goddesses had some big families. Zeus alone had to of fathered many of the Gods and Goddesses. The Goddess Athena being one of them. She was born right from Zeus' head. She wasn't however Hera's child. Zeus had the tendency to cheat on Hera with nymphs, humans, and many others.

Though women were undervalued in ancient Greek society, the Goddesses were shown respect and worshipped by all. The Greek Goddesses were apart of most of the everyday life of humans. They could either grant prosperity or wreck havoc on a people. The Greek Goddesses were just as important as the Gods were in ancient Greece.