The Lord of the Sky, Rain God, Cloud Gatherer, God of Thunder and Lightning, Law, Order, and Justice



Zeus was the most powerful god, he was more powerful than all other gods combined. Yes, he was the most powerful, but that did not mean he never got tricked or fooled by any of the other gods. He did get tricked, and it happened twice in Homer's poem, The Iliad. Both Poseidon and Hera fooled the great Zeus.
Zeus was said to be quite the ladies man. He was said to have many different affairs with many different women. He was the father of different gods and goddesses. He was the child of Cronus, the ruler of the Titans, and Rhea. He had several brothers and sisters, and he was the youngest out of everyone.[1]


The birth and upbringing of Zeus is said to be a myth itself. Cronus and Rhea had several children together. Cronus was said to be a very jealous and greedy man, everytime Rhea gave birth to a child Cronus would swallow the child in order to prevent one of them taking over the throne. Cronus himself overthrew his father, and it was going to be payback when one of his son's did the same to him. Rhea decided to plan out a way to have Cronus get what he deserved, she had the help of two Titans Uranus and Gaea. Once Zeus was born, Cronus of course wanted to swallow him. Rhea tricked him by wrapping up a rock in cloth and gave it to her husband for him to swallow.

Once Rhea got away from Cronus after he swallowed the rock, which he thought was Zeus, there are more myths about how Zeus was raised. It is said that Zeus was then sent away to the island of Crete where he would be raised by a nymph. In other cases, it is said that Zeus was raised by a goat or a shephard family. After being raised by one of the myths, Zeus grew up and went on to attempt to over throw his father and the Titans. He first went to his father to make him spit back up his siblings that he swallowed at their births. Once the fight got on its way, Zeus over threw his father. This gave Zeus the ability to rule the world. He split up the world with his two brothers, Poseidon and Hades. [2]


  • Eagle
  • Shield
  • Thunder bolt
  • Oak Tree

Extra Information:

Parents: Cronus and Rhea
He had several consorts and children
Cronus was dethroned by his own son Zeus, then Zeus became the rightful own of the throne and helped his two sibling, Hades and Poseidon to take power in their own division. (Hades became the ruler of the underworld and Poseidon became the ruler of the sea)

Roman Equivalent: Jupiter
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